From the outset, this was a typographic project and no images or illustrations could be used. We were to create a book and poster with the stipulation to chose a topic that the reader should know ten things about.

With the rise of Fake News and the struggle that we all face in the light of Post-Truth Politics, I felt it necessary to create a piece of work that highlighted the language of disinformation as well as provide achievable solutions that the reader could apply.

I wanted to create a pocket-sized A5 book that would look at home on library desks and school receptions. My drive was to allow the user to understand the issues at a glance, combining simple colour and typographic hierarchy supported with typographic illustrations.

In researching the project I found various “10 steps to combating fake news” but I felt they didn’t engage with the reader enough or provide adequate information. Using an edited 10 step process to combat Fake News as a base, I added examples to better inform the readers and contextualise the problems by providing descriptions of the language that surrounds Fake News, e.g. Misinformation, Disinformation, Clickbait, Filter Bubbles, Fake News.

  • Fake News
  • Typography
  • Education