Shredder MTB Magazine Prints

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to work with Shredder Mountain Bike Zine. Collaborating with Stuart Leel the Shredder Don, I’ve created some artwork to command the walls of every Shredder’s HQ.

The work was created at a Risotto Studio workshop held by founder Gabriella Marcella. If you ever get the chance to attend one of their workshops I can’t recommend it highly enough. They are such a friendly and open learning experience that I’m sure you’ll end up like me, finding any reason to use Risograph printing again.

In addition to our collaborative print let me draw your attention to the Shredder ||| magazine at the bottom right of the image below. You’ve got to check out more of Stuart’s work, from his amazing downhill video edits to his incredible zine, get your hands on the back copies here while they last.