The Chariso Press

A little project I’ve been working on the past month is now live.

The Chariso Press is an evolving project that hopes to connect and highlight creatives along with the charities that they hold dear.

I would like to thank Katie Guthrie at N_N for her support in helping bring the first round of prints to the website and making our first collaboration such a pleasure.

The Format:

Three prints each release, working with new creatives each time. Each group of prints will have a new charity attached to them, and the profits from the sales will be donated accordingly.

Printing will be completed via through various Risograph print studios – I felt this would keep a consistency to all work produced within the project and it’s a way for me also to learn more about it and develop my style.

Practical reasons were that the outset costs are low and the return on the sales for charity are good while still keeping prints affordable to everyone. I chose the A4 format because it’s easy and cheap to store, frame and mail out. The sales from the prints will pay only for themselves; they don’t go into the website, this has been covered by myself.


The Moonshots:

Eventually, a show to highlight the work and celebrate with the artists. The reason that I am only selling 30 of the 50 prints online is that ten will be kept for sale in person, five held for possible issues with mailouts and five given to the artist.

From there, possibly a publication and the opportunity to collaborate with designers, artists or studios I know, or ones out-with my six degrees of separation, through submissions and potential takeovers.


For Me:

It was an opportunity to connect, collaborate and curate a design-led initiative that gives back to charity.

It’s an evolving project, and a challenge for me to learn about every aspect involved. Ultimately though, looking to the future, it’s about highlighting good work and having fun while doing it.

The stats so far:

The site has currently raised £280 in sales so far with a total of 855 site views so far since its launch at the end of March. As I begin to work with other artists, I’m pretty confident that these numbers will grow as each artist shares the project via their own network.