My accepted entry for the FrontPage Agency open poster competition, the one-word brief this month was “Coincidence”.

My design was based on the Jung-Pauli theory of “synchronicity”

Conceived by a physicist and a psychologist, both eminent in their fields, represents perhaps the most radical departure from the world-view of mechanistic science in our time. Yet they had a precursor, whose ideas had a considerable influence on Jung: the Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer, a wild genius who committed suicide in 1926, at the age of forty-five.

Arthur Koestler, The Roots of Coincidence[6]

One of Kammerer’s passions was collecting coincidences. He published a book titled Das Gesetz der Serie (The Law of Series), which has not been translated into English. In this book he recounted 100 or so anecdotes of coincidences that had led him to formulate his theory of seriality.