This project was designed to champion the beauty and simplicity of Table Tennis as well as highlight my own passion and love for the game.

From the outset, my intention was to create a piece of work that would feel at home in gym halls, schools and table tennis clubs. I wanted the work to be cheap to create and replicate, while still having a very bold look that was able to carry the rules of the sport and its aesthetic. These stipulations led to my decision to use Risograph printing and it allowed me to achieve the image I was looking for.

As part of looking to make the project a real-world item, I decided to simplify the branding of the International Table Tennis Federation logo in the hope of capturing and inspiring a new wave of young players. I wanted it to sit comfortably alongside the style of my own branding, typographic posters and 8 fold rulebook Zine.

A massive thanks goes out to Katie Guthrie at the fantastic Tako Press for all her help and technical know how.


PENG – A slang word used to describe anything of exceptional quality, including people. It means ‘fit’ or ‘hot’ or ‘good-looking’. Can also be used to describe something you like, like food, clothing, etc.

PANG – The special style of homemade Ping-Pong that my friends and I play anywhere there’s a flat surface to divide and conquer, indoors or out.

  • Typography
  • Risograph