From the outset, we were challenged to create a branding for a travel agency that travelled to the planet Venus and other planets in our solar system. I wanted to provide an experience that connected with its customers and highlighted its principles of trust, affordability, individuality and adventure.

I created a real preflight package that would allow the traveller to begin the adventure from the moment they opened the box, interacting with items that then outlined their trip.

The logo revolves around the idea that travellers could immediately visualise their trip into space by simply placing their hand to the sky and looking through the Breeze portal to the stars. The hand logo works as a window to the planets of our solar system as well as the onboard snacks, at all times it reaffirms the message that everything is going A-OK.

The project consists of a purpose-built wooden box, laser cut clear acrylic and vinyl sticker, custom thread patches, stitched “VENUS 1” sweatshirt and printed materials.

  • Vinyl
  • Cut Acrylic
  • Custom Patch
  • Turkish Map Fold