Cut & Waste

Around 2015 I was spending a lot of time in my sketchbooks, this came to be a bit of a running joke amongst friends. However, little by little more opportunities began to present themselves and I had the opportunity to collaborate or submit my early work.

That year was pretty important in many ways, until then I hadn’t recognised what I was doing as anything but a hobby, something clicked when trying to finish these illustrations.

Working with Alex Holroyd I illustrated a mark for their weekly podcast “the Alex sandwich” and also submitted a mix to their show which you can hear below. These illustrations were done before returning to study Graphic design so I have cleaned them up a bit this week, but not to the point that I’ve lost what I was trying to achieve at the time.

This mix isn’t workplace friendly, don’t let the first track fool yah.

Just incase the Mixcloud link isn’t working.