Ladies Wine and Design

This Month my Partner Siobhan Ogg has taken the reigns of the fantastic Ladies Wine and Design Glasgow account. She has highlighted her amazing body of freelance work split between personal clients and Studio 0427 based in South Block.



Many woman study graphic design yet a much smaller group go on to become working designers and an even smaller number become industry leaders. Ladies Wine and Design was set up by Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister and Walsh, her aim was to help build a strong community of female designers through mentoring, collaboration and support to encourage a change in the Global design scene.




This is a branding project I really enjoyed working on recently; @dressfortheweather led this unique opportunity to collate, organise and communicate information and stories on the presence of Gaelic culture in Glasgow with website design by Bauholz. – Taking influence from Gaelic shapes and patterns, a grid pattern system was created to identify each of the categories along with a relevant colour scheme and illustrations. The visual style is flexible and adaptable to suit the organic growing nature of the project while also aiding the organisation of information past, present and future. – I especially enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Gaelic language and culture having a family background from the Hebrides and being invited along to the launch at the @mitchelllibrary. The Gaels love stories and a sing-a-long, it was so great! Beautiful singing from @watercolourmusic, I just wish I’d been able to sing along! – Check it out now live online 🙏💫 – @dressfortheweather_ @fourtwentysevendesign @uofglasgow @watercolourmusic @bordnagaidhlig1 @ladieswinedesign_glasgow @ladieswinedesign #ladieswinedesign_glasgow #ladieswinedesign #branding #design #architecture #website #glasgow #glaschu

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The Glaschu branding by Siobhan and 0247 for me is a great representation of how a simple logo can become an incredible brand asset. Each of the four logo’s work as a pattern as well as their own marker which has been assigned a colour which then runs through the type and photography treatments. The whole project is fantastically clear and well executed, it’s really worth checking out the website at



Last but not least my partner assists me in the running of the Chariso Press. We created this quick animation to highlight the project and saw a great uptake in the number of people signing up to follow the project via The Chariso Instagram.