Total Raised so Far!

So far we have raised £230 for Maggie’s Centre. A huge thank you to all those who have already bought prints and begun to follow the Chariso Press Instagram account! Thanks again to Katie Guthrie and Studio N_Name for their support and collaboration in getting this project started and off the ground.



With the fantastic success of the first print release, I am now looking towards the second at the start of June. Three more prints collaborating with two new artists highlighting another charity.

For the next round of prints, I will be working with Out Of the Blue, a print Studio Based in Edinburgh. Out of the Blueprint is a social enterprise, so any profits they make help them to provide training opportunities for young people and support young artists with their first creative projects.

So the print costs from the Chariso Press will go directly into their service. This is a fantastic step forward, 100% or profits going to the charity you choose to support and 100% of the production costs being paid to a social enterprise supporting young artists.

Thanks again for your continued support, here’s to you reader and the next release!